RealTimeToExcel RTD Server Fields

RealTimeToExcel RTD Server Fields

Server Fields

RealTimeToExcel allows getting server information and values of RealTimeToExcel settings into Microsoft Excel.

Formula format:

=RTD("gartle.rtd",,"<Data field>")

For example:


Complete list of fields:

rtd_server_VersionRealTimeToExcel version.
rtd_server_RegistrationInformation about the registered edition and trial period.
rtd_server_DataProviderDirectoryThe directory of data provider configuration.
rtd_server_DataCacheDirectoryDataCacheDirectory value.
rtd_server_RefreshTimerIntervalRefreshTimerInterval value.
rtd_server_DateTimeCurrent date and time adjusted to the server time zone.
rtd_server_DateCurrent date adjusted to the server time zone.
rtd_server_TimeCurrent time adjusted to the server time zone.
rtd_server_TimeZoneTimeZone configuration value.
rtd_server_TraceDownloadTraceDownload configuration value.
rtd_server_LogFileNameLogFileName configuration value.
rtd_server_YahooConsumerKeyYahooConsumerKey value.
rtd_server_LastClosedTradeDateCalculated date of the last closed trade date.
rtd_server_PrevClosedTradeDateCalculated date of the previous closed trade date.

Tick Fields

You can use special tick fields for number data fields. Add the :tick suffix to the data field name.



Tick values:

Tick ValueMeaning
1The value is changed up.
0The value is unchanged.
-1The value is changed down.

Tick fields can be used for conditional formatting of the underlying fields or as independent columns.

Data Provider Fields

In addition to data provider-specific fields, you can use predefined fields to monitor the current status of data refreshing:

rtd_LastUpdateDateTime of the last update.
rtd_LastUpdateDateDate of the last update.
rtd_LastUpdateTimeTime of the last update.
rtd_LastErrorThe last error code. See WebException Status and HTTP Status Codes below.
rtd_LastMessageThe last error message.
rtd_DataProviderA data provider name. The value is the same as called in the formula.
rtd_RowIDA row identifier based on the formula.
rtd_TopicCountUnique ticker's data field count in all opened workbooks.
rtd_InQueueTrue if the row in the download queue.
rtd_RefreshIntervalData provider refresh interval.

For example, if a data formula is


you can add formulas to monitor data status:


WebException Status Values

The rtd_LastError field can return WebException Status values.

See a complete description at

The most frequent statuses:

ValueMember name Description
0SuccessNo error was encountered.
7ProtocolErrorThe response received from the server was complete but indicated a protocol-level error.
The HTTP status code is shown instead. See below.
14TimeoutNo response was received during the time-out period for a request.
15ProxyNameResolutionFailureThe name resolver service could not resolve the proxy host name.

HTTP StatusCode Values

The rtd_LastError field can return HTTP StatusCode values.

See complete descriptions at

The most frequent status codes: 

ValueMember name Description
200OKThe request has succeeded.
400BadRequestThe request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax.
401UnauthorizedThe request requires user authentication.
403ForbiddenThe server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.
404NotFoundThe server has not found anything matching the Request-URI.
407ProxyAuthenticationRequiredThis code is similar to 401 (Unauthorized), but indicates that the client must first authenticate itself with the proxy.
408RequestTimeoutThe client did not produce a request within the time that the server was prepared to wait.
500InternalServerErrorThe server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.
503ServiceUnavailableThe server is currently unable to handle the request due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server.