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from Yahoo Finance and MSN Money
from trading platforms like Thinkorswim
into Microsoft Excel, CSV, and databases

Products for Traders and Investors

Here you will find a set of products that allow getting data into Microsoft Excel, CSV, and databases from financial websites and trading platforms.

ProductData SourcesTargetsUsage
MARKET.RTDYahoo Finance and MSN MoneyExcelRTD formula
MARKET.CSVYahoo Finance and MSN MoneyDatabasesConsole app
RTD.DBTrading platforms like ThinkorswimDatabasesWindows app


MARKET.RTD allows loading data from Yahoo Finance and MSN Money into Microsoft Excel.

These financial websites publish a lot of data: stock quotes, option and future chains, financial reports, etc.

MARKET.RTD is a specialized tool that allows getting these data into Excel using RTD formulas like


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Example of Yahoo Finance Quotes

MARKET.RTD Formula Builder

Getting data in Excel using MARKET.RTD is easy.

You can customize a lot of examples.

Another way is to use Formula Builder.

Just select a data provider, formula style, separators.

Then click Go, Copy Formulas, and paste the formulas into your spreadsheets.

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MARKET.RTD Formula Builder - Providers


MARKET.CSV is command line utility for loading market data for stocks, ETFs, indexes, and options to CSV and databases on a daily basis.

MARKET.CSV is a specialized parser that downloads data from Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, or MSN Money and creates CSV files for further import into databases.

The product includes a configured SQL Server database. So, you can get the data in a database in an easy way.

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Market data download using MARKET.CSV


RTD.DB allows loading real-time data from trading platforms like Thinkorswim into databases.

It works with DDE and RTD servers like Microsoft Excel, however, saves data to a database.

You can create stock and option histories in required time frames.

You must have SQL skills to use this product.
Also, you must have a platform that supports DDE or RTD.

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RTD.DB Interface

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Data sourcesYahoo Finance and MSN MoneyYahoo Finance and MSN MoneyTrading platforms like Thinkorswim
Target applicationExcelDatabasesDatabases
UsageExcel RTD formulasConsole app and batch filesWindows app
Stock quotes
Fundamental data
Financial reports
Option chains
Greeks & probabilities
Historical stock prices
Historical option prices
1-year subscription for personal use, USD499549954995
1-year subscription for commercial use, USD99951499519995