RealTimeToExcel Edition Comparison
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RealTimeToExcel Edition Comparison

RealTimeToExcel allows updating data in Microsoft Excel from Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, MSN Money, other financial websites, and databases in real-time.

Using RealTimeToExcel, you can build and update models in Microsoft Excel in real time.

Number of active data providers in all opened workbooks*1015Unlimited
Number of updated rows per data provider**5001000Unlimited
Yahoo! Finance Data Providers
Yahoo! Finance Quotes, Watch List, Stocks
Yahoo! Finance Financials, Key Statistics
Yahoo! Finance Historical Prices
Yahoo! Finance Currencies
Yahoo! Finance Options
Google Finance Data Providers
Google Finance Financials
Google Finance Historical Prices
Google Finance Options
MSN Money Data Providers
MSN Money Quotes
MSN Money Historical (days, weeks, 5 and 15 minutes)
MSN Money Currencies
MSN Money Options
Universal Providers
HTML Provider
Database Data Providers
Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure SQL Database,
Microsoft SQL Server Compact
Oracle Database, IBM DB2
Oracle MySQL, SkySQL MariaDB, NuoDB, PostgreSQL
Other Features
Microsoft Excel x86 and x64
Private traders and investors
Professional traders and institutional investorsx
Commercial usex

* Number of Microsoft Excel workbooks and tables are not limited.

** Rows are stock or currency pair symbols, historical dates, or option codes depend on data providers.