HTML Provider

HTML Provider


Excel formula:



=RTD("gartle.rtd",,"html","",7,"Dividende je Aktie")

This provider parses HTML tables of the specified web page.

You can copy row names to formulas from the web pages directly.

See several examples, for BarChart and FinanzenNet, in the downloaded package.

Data Provider Settings

The data provider is configured to loading data every 12 hours when the Excel workbook is open.

You can change this setting. However, do not request websites frequently. Otherwise, your IP can be banned.

See Data provider settings.

RefreshInterval12:00:00, 12 hours
NextRequestDelay1000, one second
DataStartTime00:00:00 -05:00
DataEndTime24:00:00 -05:00
LoadEndTime24:00:00 -05:00
LoadOnSaturday1, loading Friday's data once.
LoadOnSunday1, loading Friday's data once.

Data Source

The provider parses Google Finance Financials web pages.
All reports are loaded as a single page.