Getting Started with MARKET.RTD

Getting Started with MARKET.RTD

MARKET.RTD allows loading data from Yahoo Finance and MSN Money into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Here is a pivot table of available data:

CategoryYahoo FinanceMSN Money
Historical Prices
Intraday Prices
Options Chains
Options (US market only)
Futures (US market only) 

You may create refreshable models using Excel RTD formulas like this:

The report uses formulas like these:


You may get ready-to-use formulas for any data provider using Formula Builder:

Also, you may find models for different data providers in the Examples folder of the downloaded package.

MARKET.RTD is an easy-to-use product.

Active your trial after setup. Then open examples from the downloaded package to see the common picture.

Then try Formula Builder and create your models.

When your trial period ends, choose an edition.

Also, read Using MARKET.RTD to understand the product features deeply.

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