Copying Formulas

Copying Formulas

The documentation contains tables with Excel formulas like this:

Excel ColumnExcel Formula

You can select the required formula and paste it into Excel spreadsheet.

You can also copy the entire table and quickly create a table in Excel.

Do the following:

  1. Click the Copy or Copy(;) link in the upper right cell.
    Use Copy(;) if the semicolon is used as a parameter separator in your version of Microsoft Excel.
  2. Switch to Microsoft Excel, select the cell to insert the table, and click Paste.
    The data will be inserted from the Clipboard, and the region will be selected.
  3. Select the Insert tab of Microsoft Excel, click Table, check My table has headers, and click OK.
    The regular Excel region will be converted to an Excel table.
  4. Type the value in the first column empty cell. For example, YHOO for the Symbol column.
  5. Press F2 and then Enter on each formula in a row.
    You will get updatable cells with working real-time formulas.

When you create the table as described, you can add next symbols in a second. Just type the ticker below the table.

For the documentation on the website use Internet Explorer to copy tables.

The setup package contains example workbooks. You can also copy example tables into your spreadsheets.