Version History of Market.rtd

Version History of Market.rtd

Version 5.5, August 22, 2017

Breaking changes:

  • Changed .NET platform from .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile to .NET Framework 4.5.2.
  • Changes in requirements for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Removed support of Windows XP.


  • Updates examples

Bug Fixes:

  • Issues with a fractional part of dates in Yahoo Finance historical prices
  • Issues with registering products.

Version 5.4, August 1, 2017

New data providers:

  • MsnMoneyFundQuotes
  • MsnMoneyFundHistoricalPrices

New examples:

  • Google Finance Historical Prices Chart.xlsx
  • MSN Money Fund Historical Prices Chart.xlsx
  • MSN Money Funds.xlsx
  • MSN Money Historical Prices Chart.xlsx
  • Yahoo Finance Historical Prices Chart.xlsx


  • Significantly improved performance of getting historical prices
  • Updated MsnMoneyQuotes provider
  • Updated Formula Builder
  • Changed default refresh intervals

Version 5.3, July 5, 2017

New data providers:

  • MsnMoneyAnalysis


  • YahooFinanceHistoricalPrices loads prices for five years.
  • Updated registration wizard
  • Updated installer
  • Improved diagnostic messages

Version 5.2, May 31, 2017


  • Removed YahooFinanceHistoricalPricesCSV provider disabled by Yahoo Finance.
    Use YahooFinanceHistoricalPrices, GoogleFinanceHistoricalPricesCSV, or MsnMoneyHistoricalPrices instead.
  • Updated examples
  • Updated installer
  • Updated documentation

Version 5.1, May 11, 2017


  • Spanish translation in the RegisterProduct wizard
  • Improved documentation

Version 5.0, May 1, 2017

Market.rtd 5.0 is a major upgrade of RealTimeToExcel.

The new name reflects the main application role, loading market data using RTD formulas.

Marker.rtd has a new name of the RTD server: market.rtd instead of gartle.rtd. You may continue use RealTimeToExcel.

Existing users may install Market.rtd as a new product, test it and purchase the upgrade. See upgrade notes.

We redesign the application, data providers, and the documentation.

We have tried to make the product as simple as possible to make the learning curve much shorter. 

Licensing Changes

Market.rtd has a new free edition that allows getting data for 10 tickers.

Paid editions have a new simplified model of limits. The Personal and Standard editions have increased limits of updated tickers.

See Edition Comparison.

Registration is required to start a trial.

Market.rtd is available as a subscription.

Major upgrades become paid. You may purchase Upgrade Warranty with new purchases to get major upgrades for free.

New features:

  • Formula Builder
  • Redesigned and improved data providers
  • Rewritten documentation
  • Simplified model of edition limits
  • Subscription model
  • SQLite as a storage for loaded data

New data providers:

  • YahooFinanceFutures
  • YahooFinanceIntradayPrices15m
  • YahooFinanceIntradayPrices30m
  • YahooFinanceIntradayPrices60m

Renamed data providers:

  • GoogleFinanceHistoricalCSV -> GoogleFinanceHistoricalPricesCSV
  • MsnMoneyHistorical15min -> MsnMoneyIntradayPrices15m
  • MsnMoneyHistorical5min -> MsnMoneyIntradayPrices5m
  • MsnMoneyHistoricalDays -> MsnMoneyHistoricalPrices
  • MsnMoneyHistoricalMonths -> MsnMoneyHistoricalPricesMonthly
  • MsnMoneyHistoricalWeeks -> MsnMoneyHistoricalPricesWeekly
  • MsnMoneyQuotes2 -> MsnMoneyQuotes
  • YahooFinanceHistorical1min -> YahooFinanceIntradayPrices1m
  • YahooFinanceHistorical5min -> YahooFinanceIntradayPrices5m
  • YahooFinanceHistoricalCSV -> YahooFinanceHistoricalPricesCSV
  • YahooFinanceHistoricalDays -> YahooFinanceHistoricalPrices
  • YahooFinanceHistoricalMonths -> YahooFinanceHistoricalPricesMonthly
  • YahooFinanceHistoricalWeeks -> YahooFinanceHistoricalPricesWeekly
  • YahooFinanceIndustry -> YahooFinanceAssetProfiles (improved)
  • YahooFinanceKeyStatistics -> YahooFinanceSummary
  • YahooFinanceSummary -> YahooFinanceQuotes

We understand that this change breaks existing models.

However, existing users may use Market.rtd and RealTimeToExcel together and upgrade the models without service interruption.

Removed data providers:

  • GoogleFinanceOptions
  • MsnMoneyQuotes
  • YahooFinanceHistoricalData
  • YahooFinanceQuotes
  • YahooFinanceStocks
  • YahooFinanceWatchList
  • HTML provider
  • Database providers

We removed these providers as they have issues and just waste your times.

We removed the HTML and database providers from the Market.rtd product to make it simple.

You may try our new products, WEB.RTD and DB.RTD, that have similar, but significantly improved, features and also are simple.