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MARKET.RTD allows loading quotes, historical prices, key statistics, financials, option chains for Yahoo Finance and MSN Money.

For example, you can create reports like this:

Example of MSN Money Quotes

or this:

Example of Yahoo Finance Options

In both cases, you use regular RTD formulas like:



The formulas have the following rules:

=RTD("market.rtd",,"<provider>"[,<Parameter1>[,<Parameter2>[,<Parameter3>]]],"<Data Field>")

market.rtd is an RTD server name.

<provider> is name of a data provider like MsnMoneyQuotes or YahooFinanceOptions.

Parameters and data fields depend on data providers.

You can get formulas using Formula Builder. In the first step, you select a provider:

MARKET.RTD Formula Builder - Providers

In the next steps, you configure formulas and paste them into Excel spreadsheets.

MARKET.RTD Formula Builder - Formulas

Open Formula Builder using Start, All Programs, MARKET.RTD, Formula Builder.

See more at the Formula Builder description.

Also, you can find formatted reports in the Examples folder of the downloaded package.

Refresh Intervals

You can change the refresh interval (in seconds or as hh:mm:ss) of any provider using the formula like this (15 minutes):


Do not make a lot of requests to the website. Otherwise, the website can ban your IP.


Use Yahoo Finance or MSN Money websites to find tickers.


You can find examples in the Examples folder of the downloaded package.

Use these examples as templates or to troubleshoot formulas and loading data.

Tick Fields

You can use special tick fields. Just add the :tick suffix to the data field name.

For example:



Tick values:

Tick ValueMeaning
1The value is changed up
0The value is unchanged
-1The value is changed down

Tick fields can be used for conditional formatting of the underlying fields or as independent columns.


You can use special data fields to monitor downloading data.

For example:



The formulas above show the last data update time and the last error code for the AAPL ticker.

See the complete list of the special data cells.


You can change some of the application settings.

You can open the file using Start Menu, All Programs, MARKET.RTD, Configuration File.