MARKET.RTD Formula Builder

MARKET.RTD Formula Builder

MARKET.RTD Formula Builder builds RTD formulas for the specified provider.

You can start it using Start, All Programs, MARKET.RTD, Formula Builder.

Formula Builder looks like this:

MARKET.RTD Formula Builder

First of all, select a provider:

MARKET.RTD Formula Builder - Providers

Then select parameters in the second row and click the Go button. You will see the formulas like this:

MARKET.RTD Formula Builder - Formulas

You can customize the formula layout (Row, Column, or Absolute), formula style (A1 or RC), and the formula separator (comma or semicolon).

Then click Copy Formulas, create a new worksheet and paste formulas at cell A1.

MARKET.RTD Formula Builder - Excel worksheet

Then you can format a worksheet as you need or copy formulas to your reports.

Note about formula parameters. In the example above, formulas use parameter values from cells B3-B5.

So, you can copy columns and change stock tickers or reports columns.

For example, the formatted report can look like this:

Example of Google Finance Financials

You can find this and other ready-to-use forms in the Examples folder of the downloaded package.