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Thanks for your download of MARKET.RTD

If the download doesn't start automatically, please click here to access the download URL directly.

Extracting Package

Please open the download folder, right-click at the downloaded package, click Extract All, and extract the package to any local folder.

Open the extracted folder. You have to see the following files:

MARKET.RTD Setup Package Folder

Installing MARKET.RTD

  1. Close Microsoft Excel.
  2. Run setup.exe and follow wizard steps.

In the finish step, the setup wizard opens a web page with the next tips.

If you have setup issues in this step, please contact us at .

Activating Trial

If you install MARKET.RTD for the first time, you have to activate the trial version.

Please open Start Menu, All Programs, MARKET.RTD, Register Product and follow wizard steps.

This is the first screen:

Registration start screen

Use the same wizard to register the product later.

Trying Examples

Try usage examples from the Examples folder of the downloaded package.

MARKET.RTD Setup Package Examples

For example, you can get stock quotes from MSN Money:

Example of MSN Money Quotes

or option chains from Yahoo Finance:

Example of Yahoo Finance Options

Creating Models using Formula Builder

Open Start Menu, All Programs, MARKET.RTD, Formula Builder.

Select a data provider:

MARKET.RTD Formula Builder - Providers

Configure formula parameters and click Copy Formulas.

MARKET.RTD Formula Builder - Formulas

Then select a new worksheet, select cell A1 and paste data.

See details at Using MARKET.RTD.

Getting Support

Feel free to contact us at .

Best regards,
Sergey Vaselenko

CEO at Gartle LLC