RTD.DB Symbol Helper
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RTD.DB Symbol Helper

Symbol Helper allows extracting stock and option symbols from RTD formulas and web pages.

You can paste symbols into symbol tables using the RTD.DB Database Configuration Editor.

For example, to copy formulas from the Thinkorswim platform, select the Trade tab, open the top-right menu and click Export, To Microsoft Excel:

Example of exporting Thinkorswim formulas to Microsoft Excel

Then click the Paste Formulas button in the Symbol Helper:

Example of extracting option symbols in the Thinkorswim format

You can change the output symbol format, Thinkorswim or OCC:

Example of extracting option symbols in the OCC format

You can copy all symbols, stock symbols, or option symbols:

Example of copying stock and option symbols

To paste symbols into the target table, open the RTD.DB Database Configuration Editor, select the desired table and click the Paste button:

Example of pasting option symbols using Configuration Editor

The editor pastes unique symbols only.

You can paste option symbols from websites like Yahoo Finance or MSN Money. Just select and copy the page content and paste it into the Symbol Helper.

Also, you can copy and paste formulas from Microsoft Excel.

Here is a typical sheet created using Thinkorswim export:

Example of real-time Thinkorswim data in Microsoft Excel

Click Formulas, Show Formulas before copying. Otherwise, you will copy values but not formulas.