RTD.DB Install and Uninstall
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RTD.DB Install and Uninstall


To install RTD.DB, unzip the downloaded RTD.DB package and run setup.exe.

Register the application to start a trial period.

Read Concept to learn how to configure your database to get data from trading platforms.

See also Database Templates.


To update RTD.DB, unzip the downloaded RTD.DB package and run setup.exe.


To uninstall RTD.DB, open Control Panel, Programs and Features, then select RTD.DB and click the Uninstall button.

Upgrading from RealTimeToDB

RTD.DB is the next major version of RealTimeToDB. However, RTD.DB is a new product.

So, you can have both RealTimeToDB and RTD.DB installed and test the upgrade with minimal service interruption.

You can test the upgrade in a trial mode and purchase the upgrade to continue using RTD.DB.

RTD.DB includes the redesigned RTD database. The main install.sql file installs configuration tables only. Other tables are available as Database Templates.

You can continue to use your existing databases as is. RTD.DB 5.0 has the same configuration table structures.