Getting Started with RTD.DB

Getting Started with RTD.DB

A number of trading and analytical platforms allows updating data in Microsoft Excel.

The platforms implement RTD or DDE servers, and the common picture looks like this:

You may get data in Microsoft Excel using RTD or DDE formulas like this:


RTD.DB acts as Microsoft Excel for such servers, however, saves data to databases:

RTD.DB has the same formula format.

You may specify what tables and what columns to update using formulas like this:


RTD.DB includes ready-to-use formulas for several trading platforms like Thinkorswim and Trader Workstation.

You may configure formulas for any RTD or DDE data source yourself.

RTD.DB supports multiple database platforms including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, and MySQL.

The most typical usage scenarios are

  • Creating history tables for stocks, options, futures, and currencies in different time frames.
  • Getting option chains for a wide range of stocks.

For example, you may create a history of option data yourself loading data day-by-day.
Option data history is the most expensive in the market and does not contain all fields available in trading platforms.

For the second case, you may load all options for actively traded stocks.
For example, Thinkorswim allows refreshing about 200 tickers at once. RTD.DB cycles tickers and allows loading any number of options.

So, RTD.DB is a great tool for traders and investors who need to accumulate real-time data in a database.

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