RTD.DB Database Configuration Editor

RTD.DB Database Configuration Editor

The Configuration Editor allows editing RTD.DB configuration tables in a visual mode.

Also, the editor allows editing tables used as a symbol source. The editor detects such tables using the LOAD_CODE field.

The editor shows active RTD.DB connections configured with the Connection Manager.

Here is an example of the real_time_tables table:

real_time_tables table example

You can add or modify any field. Then click the Save button to save the changes.

Check the is_disabled field to stop loading data into a table and uncheck to activate.

Here is an example of the real_time_formulas table used to configure formulas to get column data:

real_time_formulas table example

Check the is_disabled field to stop loading data of the field and uncheck to activate.

We recommend loading only necessary data to avoid wasting trading platform resources.

Below are examples of the tables used as a symbol source configured in the LOAD_CODE field.

Option symbol table example

Stock symbol table example

You can paste symbols as is. The configuration editor pastes new unique symbols only.

You can use Symbol Helper to extract stock and option symbols from RTD formulas or web pages.

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