Version History of RealTimeToDB
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Version History of RealTimeToDB

Version 4.12, November 9, 2016


  • Updated RealTimeToExcel 4.12.

Version 4.11, November 2, 2016


  • Updated RealTimeToExcel 4.11.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed possible issues with getting data from Thinkorswim Desktop.
    Below are stable settings for the tos.rtd server:
    <add key="tos.rtdMaxUpdateRows" value="1000"/>
    <add key="tos.rtdMinUpdateTime" value="10000"/>
    <add key="tos.rtdMaxUpdateTime" value="20000"/>
    <add key="TosIsDynamicCalls" value="False"/>
    <add key="NoDataLimit" value="120"/>
    If you have no Microsoft Excel installed, change TosIsDynamicCalls to True.

Version 4.10, September 9, 2016


  • Updated RealTimeToExcel 4.10 with updated providers and examples.

Version 4.9, July 27, 2016


  • Updated RealTimeToExcel 4.9 with updated providers and examples.

Version 4.8, July 19, 2016


  • Updated RealTimeToExcel 4.8 with updated YahooFinanceKeyStatistics, YahooFinanceSummary, and YahooFinanceIndustries providers.

Version 4.7, July 13, 2016


  • Updated RealTimeToExcel 4.7 with updated YahooFinanceOptions provider.

Version 4.6, June 21, 2016

RealTimeToDB and RealTimeToExcel have a new product website,


  • Updated RealTimeToExcel 4.6 has the same trial period in 30 days.

Version 4.5, April 20, 2016


  • RealTimeToExcel 4.5 is included.

Version 4.4, April 14, 2016


  • RealTimeToExcel 4.4 is included.

Version 4.3, March 15, 2016


  • RealTimeToExcel 4.3 is included.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with installing on Windows XP.

Version 4.2, February 5, 2016


  • Improved logging.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed stability issues with Thinkorswim and other RTD servers.
  • Fixed stability issues with Trader Workstation and other DDE servers.

Version 4.1, November 11, 2015

New Features

  • RealTimeToDB can check task changes and reload tasks automatically.
    For example, you can insert new stocks into the rtd.QuoteListStocks table from your applications and RealTimeToDB starts updating data.
    Specify the check interval in milliseconds in the RefreshTaskInterval application setting in RealTimeToDB.exe.config:
    <add key="RefreshTaskInterval" value="5000"/>


  • RealTimeToExcel 4.1 is included. The new version supports Microsoft Excel 2016.

Version 4.0, October 20, 2015

Licensing Changes

RealTimeToDB End User License Agreement has been changed:

  • The free RealTimeToDB Express edition has been removed.
  • Starting RealTimeToDB 4.0 you can purchase and register RealTimeToDB Personal, Standard and Enterprise editions only.
  • During a 30 day trial period you can test all the features of the RealTimeToDB Enterprise edition.

You may continue to use previously registered versions of RealTimeToDB Express for free forever.

Registering RealTimeToDB Express of previous versions for new PC will be removed on December 1, 2015.

Please keep your registration email with the activation code to have a possibility to reinstall and activate RealTimeToDB Express on a registered PC.

You can check your registration email and register once again before December 1, 2015. Do this using the previous versions.

Upgrade Notes

  • Previous versions of the RealTimeToDB Personal, Standard or Enterprise editions may be upgraded for free.
    Additional actions are not required.
  • Previous versions of the RealTimeToDB Express edition are converted to a new trial version with a 30 day period.
    After that period, you can purchase and register RealTimeToDB Personal, Standard or Enterprise, or uninstall RealTimeToDB 4.0 and install the previous version.
    In the last case, if the previous version was registered, you can continue to use it without additional actions.

Download Package Changes

  • You can install RealTimeToDB only a separate package.
    The SaveToDB Suite package is not available more.
    You can continue to use SaveToDB Wizard Tools for working with separately installed products.