RealTimeToDB Connection Manager

RealTimeToDB Connection Manager

gConnectionManager is a companion product that allows editing connections in application configuration files.

Use gConnectionManager to edit the RealTimeToDB configuration file to specify updated database connection strings.

Click on the help menu of gConnectionManager to get the help.

The screenshot shows a configuration file example:

Only the Microsoft SQL Server Compact database is activated in the example through the rtd-sqlce connection.

Note, that you may use environment variables in RealTimeToDB connection strings, like %LocalAppData% in the example.

Click the "..." button to edit the connection string using the Connection Wizard.

Select a database connection provider at the first step:

Enter the information required to connect to a database:

The different database servers have specific features.

Click the Help button or the Examples link to get the context help during the connecting.

The Finish button is enabled when the connection is successful. The wizard tests the connection in the background and activates the button.

If the Finish button is disabled, click the Test Connection button to test connection.

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