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Knowledge Base | How to Load Historical Stock Prices from MSN Money to Excel

How to Load Historical Stock Prices from MSN Money to Excel

Updated: August 30, 2019



MSN Money publishes historical and intraday prices from a lot of exchanges.

You can download data using undocumented URLs of its web service that returns historical and intraday prices in JSON.

URLs for daily, weekly, and monthly historical prices:




URLs for 1, 5, and 15-minute intraday prices:




You can use tickers like 126.1.MSFT.NAS for stocks and 245.20.GBPUSDLITE for currencies.

You can use our several products to load these data into Microsoft Excel in several ways.

Loading Historical Prices from MSN Money into Microsoft Excel using SaveToDB Add-In

The SaveToDB add-in allows opening XML, JSON, HTML, and CSV from the web and converting data to refreshable Excel tables.

Moreover, you can customize URLs to change symbols using the ribbon:

Load Data from Web

Also, you can create and apply table views to filter data using various conditions directly in Excel:

Create Different Table Views

To load historical prices, click Wizards, Data Connection Wizard, select Web Data Provider and select an URL to connect.

URLs of historical prices from MSN Money look this:


{Symbol=MSFT} is a defined ribbon parameter with the default value. rootpath is a parser parameter.

The SaveToDB add-in is a cool tool to load data from the web. It's available in a free version. Try it.

Loading Historical Prices from MSN Money into Microsoft Excel using MARKET.RTD

MARKET.RTD is a specialized RTD server for loading data from Yahoo Finance and MSN Money.

You can create and copy formulas using Formula Builder that contains predefined data providers:

MARKET.RTD Formula Builder - Providers

You can select how to organize formulas, by rows or by columns, and paste them into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Then you can format your model and get refreshable results like this:

Example of MSN Money Quotes

You can get a lot of data using MARKET.RTD with the regular Microsoft Excel RTD formulas like these:


You can customize the refresh interval using the formula like:


Moreover, MARKET.RTD includes a lot of examples for available providers. So, you can adapt them to your needs easily.

Additional Notes

As described above, you can load historical prices into Microsoft Excel directly.

However, MSN Money publishes intraday prices for the last trading days only.

If you need an intraday history for a larger period, you can download data daily and create the history yourself.

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