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Historical Prices at MSN Money

MSN Money provides data for a lot of exchanges.

You may open, search a ticker like MSFT, and click the 'History' tab.

You may use URLs like or (for US tickers) to open pages with historical prices directly.

MSN Money has no links to download historical prices to CSV.

Undocumented URLs to Download Historical Prices from MSN Money

MSN Money uses a web service to load historical stock and currency prices into web pages.

You may use specialized download and parser utilities like gwebcmd to download and convert JSON data to CSV.

For example, to get daily historical prices use the command:

webcsv.exe webtocsv ^
    "" ^
    msft.csv /rootPath=Chart.Series /skippedNodes=IsStitched

To get weekly historical prices:

webcsv.exe webtocsv ^
    "" ^
    msft-weekly.csv /rootPath=Chart.Series /skippedNodes=IsStitched

To get monthly historical prices:

webcsv.exe webtocsv ^
    "" ^
    msft-monthly.csv /rootPath=Chart.Series /skippedNodes=IsStitched

To get 15-minute historical prices:

webcsv.exe webtocsv ^
    "" ^
    msft-15.csv /rootPath=Chart.Series /skippedNodes=IsStitched

To get 5-minute historical prices:

webcsv.exe webtocsv ^
    "" ^
    msft-5.csv /rootPath=Chart.Series /skippedNodes=IsStitched

WEB.CSV in the webtocsv mode loads web data (JSON, XML, HTML, CSV) and converts the data to CSV.

Specify the /rootPath=Chart.Series parser parameter that points to the JSON root of historical prices.

You may load historical prices for currencies. Just use tickers like 245.20.GBPUSDLITE.

Loading Historical Prices from MSN Money with Batch Files

Create a text file like 'task.txt' and place tickers one by line like:


Create a batch file like 'load.cmd' with the following commands:

@echo off

@for /F %%i in (tickers.txt) do (
    webcsv.exe webtocsv ^
        "" ^
        %%i.CSV /delay=200 /echoOutputFileName /rootPath=Chart.Series /skippedNodes=IsStitched

Run it. You will see the result:

AAPL.CSV - 253 rows
FB.CSV - 253 rows
GOOGL.CSV - 253 rows
YHOO.CSV - 253 rows

Pay attention to the /delay parameter. Use the delay to avoid banning your IP due to frequent multiple automatic requests.

Downloading Historical Prices from MSN Money using MARKET.CSV

MARKET.CSV is a specialized tool for loading data from Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, and MSN Money.

You place the required tickers to a file like tickers.txt.


Then you execute commands to download data using the required data providers:

market.csv.exe download MsnMoneyHistoricalPricesDaily
market.csv.exe download MsnMoneyHistoricalPricesWeekly
market.csv.exe download MsnMoneyHistoricalPricesMonthly
market.csv.exe download MsnMoneyIntradayPrices1m
market.csv.exe download MsnMoneyIntradayPrices5m
market.csv.exe download MsnMoneyIntradayPrices15m

The tool downloads data, archives the data to zip files and converts the data to CSV.

You may get results in the output files like MsnMoneyHistoricalPricesDaily.csv, MsnMoneyHistoricalPricesWeekly.csv, etc.

Moreover, MARKET.CSV includes ready-to-use SQL codes and format files to import CSV data into a Microsoft SQL Server database.


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