RealTimeToExcel Install and Uninstall
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RealTimeToExcel Install and Uninstall

Installing RealTimeToExcel

You have two options to install RealTimeToExcel:

  • Installing with the RealTimeToDB setup package.
  • Installing with the RealTimeToExcel setup package.

All the packages work with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Excel.

Installing with RealTimeToDB Setup

You can use the RealTimeToDB setup package if you plan to use both RealTimeToDB and RealTimeToExcel.

RealTimeToDB allows getting data from Yahoo! Finance into databases using RealTimeToExcel, and getting the data in different time frames from the databases into Microsoft Excel.

Installing with RealTimeToExcel Setup

You can use the RealTimeToExcel setup package if you need only the RealTimeToExcel features.

Updating RealTimeToExcel

A standard way to update the product is to run setup.exe of a new version without uninstalling the current version.

Upgrading from RealTimeToExcel 3.x to 4.0

Previous versions of the RealTimeToExcel Personal, Standard or Enterprise editions may be upgraded for free.
Additional actions are not required.

Previous versions of the RealTimeToExcel Express edition are converted to a new trial version with a 30 day period.
After that period, you can purchase and register RealTimeToExcel Personal, Standard or Enterprise, or uninstall RealTimeToExcel 4.0 and install the previous version.
In the last case, if the previous version was registered, you can continue to use it without additional actions.

Uninstalling RealTimeToExcel

To uninstall RealTimeToExcel, open Control Panel, Program and Features, then select the installed product (RealTimeToDB or RealTimeToExcel) and click the Uninstall button.