Version History of MARKET.CSV

Version History of MARKET.CSV

Version 2.18, March 22, 2021

New features:

  • MARKET.CSV includes the AutoUpdate tool to check and install updates.


  • MARKET.CSV compiled for .NET Framework 4.6.2.

Version 2.17, June 30, 2020


  • The registration wizard is available in German.

Bug fixes:

  • The registration wizard raises NullReferenceException.

Version 2.16, February 28, 2020


  • Improved registration wizard
  • Improved activation in a virtual environment

Version 2.15, July 10, 2019


  • Updated URLs for MSN Money
  • Removed obsolete providers:
    - GoogleHistoricalPrices
    - YahooHistoricalPrices (old)
    - YahooDividends
    - YahooIndustries
    - YahooKeyStatistics
    - YahooQuotes

Version 2.14, July 25, 2018

New features:

  • The monthly subscription is available.
  • The product tries to activate a new subscription in a period three days before and three days after the expiration.
    It sends request automatically every 16 hours. You can disable this feature in the finish step of the registration wizard.

Version 2.13, June 22, 2018

The free MARKET.CSV edition is no longer available.

Existing users of the free edition may continue use it.


  • Added installer
  • Updated Product Registration Wizard

Version 2.12, May 25, 2018


  • Product Registration Wizard uses HTTPs
  • Updated URLs to HTTPs
  • YahooQuotes marked as obsolete

Version 2.11, May 24, 2018


  • Updated Product Registration Wizard

Version 2.10, March 13, 2018

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed loading symbols with the caret, like ^VIX.

Version 2.9, February 7, 2018


  • Updated Product Registration Wizard

Version 2.8, January 24, 2018

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed collation issues
  • Fixed issues with infinity values

Version 2.7, December 13, 2017

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issues with loading data from Google Finance.

Version 2.6, November 3, 2017

Bug fixes:

  • Registration wizard WebException in the offline mode

Version 2.5, August 22, 2017

Breaking changes:

  • Changed .NET platform from .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile to .NET Framework 4.5.2.
  • Changes in requirements for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Removed support of Windows XP.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issues with registering products.

Version 2.4, August 1, 2017


  • Improved JSON parser performance

Version 2.3, July 5, 2017

New features:

  • Register mode


  • Updated registration wizard

Version 2.2, May 31, 2017

Update Notes

Please import all the downloaded data before update.

The default configuration is compatible with the previous versions.
However, the newest configuration can break your changes.

The newest version has disabled providers, updated providers, and a lot of new providers.

Please read about new features and test them before use in the production.

New Providers

  • GoogleHistoricalPricesDaily
  • GoogleHistoricalPricesWeekly
  • GoogleIntradayPrices15m
  • GoogleIntradayPrices1m
  • GoogleIntradayPrices30m
  • GoogleIntradayPrices5m
  • GoogleIntradayPrices60m
  • MsnMoneyHistoricalPricesDaily
  • MsnMoneyHistoricalPricesMonthly
  • MsnMoneyHistoricalPricesWeekly
  • MsnMoneyIntradayPrices15m
  • MsnMoneyIntradayPrices1m
  • MsnMoneyIntradayPrices5m
  • MsnMoneyOptions
  • MsnMoneyQuotes
  • YahooAssetProfiles
  • YahooHistoricalPricesDaily
  • YahooHistoricalPricesMonthly
  • YahooHistoricalPricesWeekly
  • YahooIntradayPrices15m
  • YahooIntradayPrices1m
  • YahooIntradayPrices5m
  • YahooIntradayPrices60m
  • YahooQuoteSummary
  • YahooQuoteSummaryETF

Disabled Providers (by Yahoo Finance)

  • YahooDividends
  • YahooHistoricalPrices

Updated Providers

  • YahooIndustries (migrate to YahooAssetProfiles)
  • YahooKeyStatistics (migrate to YahooQuoteSummary)
  • YahooOptions
  • YahooQuotes

New Features

  • New provider configuration parameters for configuring URLs and CSV output fields: <Provider>_URL1, <Provider>_URL2, and <Provider>_Fields
  • New command line modes to print fields and values from JSON files: PrintFields and PrintValues
  • New command line mode to list supported exchanges at Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, and MSN Money: Exchanges
  • New command line mode to list providers: Exchanges
  • New SQL codes in the MarketData\bin folder to create Microsoft SQL Server tables for new providers.


  • Ignoring task file tickers that cannot be downloaded.
    For example, YahooOptions ignores currencies and non-US tickers.
    So, you can place all required tickers in one file.
  • Ignored configuration parameters: YahooFinanceHistoricalPricesStartDate and YahooFinanceQuotesFields
    The first belongs to the removed YahooHistoricalPrices provider.
    The second is replaced with a newer configuration.

Bug Fixes

  • Exception messages on parsing HTML responses when JSON is expected.

Version 2.1, May 11, 2017


  • Spanish translation in the RegisterProduct wizard
  • Improved documentation

Version 2.0, May 1, 2017

MARKET.CSV 2.0 is a major upgrade of Market Data Downloader.

The new name reflects the main application role, saving data from Yahoo Finance to CSV.

You may upgrade Market Data Downloader to MARKET.CSV for free.

The installer version has been removed as the portable version is the best choice.

Licensing Changes

MARKET.CSV has a free edition that allows getting data for 10 tickers only, without delays. See Edition Comparison.

Registration is required to start a trial.

MARKET.CSV is available as a subscription.

Upgrades to the next major versions will be paid. You can purchase Upgrade Warranty with new purchases to get major upgrades for free.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed NaN values
  • Fixed comma separator in the Market capitalization field