MARKET.CSV Command Line

MARKET.CSV Command Line

Command Line Modes:

market.csv.exe download <provider> [<symbol file name>] [/config=<configuration file>]

market.csv.exe reparse  <provider> [<date as yyyymmdd>] [/config=<configuration file>]

market.csv.exe printFields <JSON file>
market.csv.exe printValues <JSON file>

market.csv.exe providers
market.csv.exe exchanges

market.csv.exe autoupdate
market.csv.exe register


market.csv.exe download YahooFinanceOptions symbols.txt

market.csv.exe reparse  YahooFinanceOptions 20170424

market.csv.exe download YahooFinanceQuotes  symbols\uk-symbols.txt /config=configs\uk.config

market.csv.exe reparse  YahooFinanceQuotes  /config=configs\uk.config

Download Mode

In this mode, the application loads and parses data using the specified provider for the specified symbol list.

The symbol file can be omitted if it is specified in the configuration file.

Reparse Mode

In this mode, the application reparses loaded data (in the downloads folder) for the specified trade date.

If the trade date is not specified, the application reparsed all the files.

This mode is used to reparse data using a new version of MARKET.CSV if the previous version does not parse the data correctly.
In the last case, you can continue to download data and reparse the loaded data with a new version later.

PrintFields Mode

Use this mode to list fields available in the input JSON file.

PrintValues Mode

Use this mode to list fields available in the input JSON file with the values.

Providers Mode

Use this mode to list available providers.

You can use different symbol lists for different providers, different time periods, and different markets.

You can load all the data in one cycle using a batch file. See examples in the MarketData folder.

Exchanges Mode

Use this mode to list exchanges supported by Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, and MSN Money.

AutoUpdate Mode

Use this mode to launch the wizard to check and install updates.

Register Mode

Use this mode to launch the Registration Wizard.

/Config Option

This option allows specifying alternative configuration files. This is useful when you load data from several world markets.

Exit Codes

You can use the following exit codes in batch files:

Exit CodeDescription
1Incomplete command line parameters
2Wrong command line parameters
3Exceptions occurred
4A user pressed Q to stop downloading