Automating Data Loading

Automating Data Loading

You can automatically load data using Windows Schedule.

First of all, create a batch file that includes all the required commands.
You can find ready-to-use batch files in the MarketData folder.

Then use the following commands to create a scheduled task.

  1. Open Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Task Scheduler.
  2. Select Task Scheduler Library, right-click, and open New Folder... Create a new folder, for example, MarketData.
  3. Select the created folder, right-click and open Create a Basic Task.
  4. Type a task name, for example, Load US Market Data. Click Next.

Type Load US Market Data and click Next.

  1. Select Weekly and click Next.

Select Weekly and click Next.

  1. Specify the start time and required days. Click Next.

Specify time and days. Click Next.

  1. Select Start a program. Click Next.

Select Start a program. Click Next.

  1. Click Browse... and select the batch file to run, copy the batch folder and paste it to the field Start in. Click Next.

Click Browse... and open the target batch file. Fill Start in. Click Next.

  1. Click Finish.

Check data and click Finish.

That's all. You can click on the created task and check or edit task parameters.