Getting Started with WEB.RTD

Getting Started with WEB.RTD

WEB.RTD implements a simple idea: if you may get data from the Web, you may get the data in Excel.

WEB.RTD parses loaded data and creates navigation paths for all data topics.

You may get ready-to-use Excel formulas using Formula Builder that looks like this:

You specify the URL and then paste copied formulas to an Excel worksheet.

Then you remove the cells you do not need and move required cells to the right position like this:

Also, you may customize the source URL to load data for the required stocks, options, futures, and currencies.

You may change the refresh interval for any URL.

WEB.RTD is a unique product.

If you know the URL, you may create an updatable report based on HTML, XML, JSON, or CSV data with the required structure in a dozen of minutes.

Moreover, you may find ready-to-use examples of loading data from Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, and MSN Money in the WEB.RTD Examples folder of the downloaded package.

Start learning with the Using WEB.RTD topic.

Then you may start Formula Builder to try your URL or open examples in the WEB.RTD Examples folder of the downloaded package.

WEB.RTD requires registration to start a trial. See the Product Registration topic for details.