Getting Started with RealTimeToDB

Getting Started with RealTimeToDB

RealTimeToDB is a powerful tool for updating databases with real-time data from RTD and DDE servers.

The traditional usage of RTD and DDE servers is updating real-time data in Microsoft Excel like this:

RealTimeToDB allows getting real-time data from RTD or DDE servers and saving the data into databases like this:

As a result, you may get the required data for stocks, options, futures, and currency pairs in required time frames.

RealTimeToDB includes ready-to-use databases for supported database platforms and several real-time data providers.

RealTimeToDB supports: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Compact, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle Database, IBM DB2, NuoDB, and PostgreSQL.

RealTimeToExcel, an integrated companion product, allows updating real-time data from databases in Microsoft Excel like this:

This approach delivers additional benefits:

  • You may use real-time and historical data in the same manner.
  • You may combine and use data from different data sources in the same manner.
  • You may replace complicated DDE formulas in Microsoft Excel to regular RTD formulas.

Using RealTimeToExcel, you may also get delayed quotes and financial data from Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, and MSN Money.

As a result, you may start using the following process in a couple of minutes even without having a trading platform:


You may start learning about RealTimeToDB on the following topics:

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